It's been a week since the 2nd semester started. Frankly, 2nd semester is not bad so far. Not many pressure to handle and the subjects are easy. But I know, this is just the beginning and there will be more tough topics to come. In the 1st semester, I skipped too many classes and hardly managed to attend all the class in a week. But in the 1st week of 2nd semester, I skipped only one lecture and I had no intention to skip the class. I fall asleep before going to the class and only woke up before the next class started. So, I think I've changed a little and becoming a good students unlike in the 1st semester. Heheh.

There's a thing that is making me nervous right now. The result of 1st semester Final Exam will be coming out on this 25th of November. I don't expect or target to get an excellent result but hopefully it will be good enough for me to continue the 2nd semester. 3.0 and above would be nice and I would be really thankful for that.


New Perspective

This post has been made due to another boring night on my holiday. So exactly one week from now I'm gonna check in back into the college. My holiday so far has been wasted by sleeping and surfing through my social networking websites only. I know it's pretty much like I don't have a life right now but that's the fact.

Hmm because I'm bored to death now, I'm gonna just write about what are going to pass my mind. Let's start with :

1. Just came back from playing futsal after haven't played for a month I guess due to the final exam. I absolutely played rubbish in that game. Chances wasted too much. Well, can't blame me either as I didn't play quite awhile and losing my form. Making the thing worst I injured my leg. But still we won the game :)

2. I want this CTR360 Fabregas's pro model shoes so bad right now. And of course I want the futsal model one.

3. I'm planning to go to KL this weekend but had to be canceled due to some reasons. Greattt, now I have to finish my holiday stuck in Kuantan and all I'm gonna do is waking up in the morning to send my mom to work, back to sleep and wake up again in the afternoon to pick her up. The same routine goes again the next day, just like the life after my SPM.

4. The pain on my leg not bad eh, nice one lah! Fucked-up, man!

5. I woke up at 2.30 today and missed friday prayes. -___-

6. Watched Jennifer's Body with friends later that. It's a nice movie not a great one though.
I think the movie is overrated because Megan Fox is the leading cast. She's really hot with that such beautiful body. Ignore me, I'm a guy right hehehehe :D And the soundtrack Through The Trees which was played by a band called Low Shoulder ( in the movie ) currently stuck in my head right now. The lead singer was played by Adam Brody but found out that the song wasn't vocal by himself actually.

7. I'm listening to Hoobastank's new album For(n)ever now. Not bad guys, they still got their
touch like the old times.

8. Eh my stomach suddenly making a sound. Okay I'm gonna raid the kitchen after this then
go to bed. Need to settle some things tomorrow. Hopefully I'll wake up in the morning.

Sometimes it feels good to write some random things like this, I should do it more next time.



Your true colours are about to shine,
Let's see how far you'll go this time.



Nothing seems to be going on my way right now. It's not that I didn't try. I've tried so many times before and push very hard for it. Some parts of me still blaming on you, I admit that. But when I rewind back, it was my fault that costs me more now.
Maybe running away is the solution although it is not the one what my heart says.



It's been a while since my last post. Well, there is nothing important to keep you all updated I guess.

Arsenal loss to Man Utd just now is the reason that lead me to update my blog. Currently, I feel annoyed, disgusted, angry, dissapointed and bla bla bla. The loss is hard to swallow because I think we're the better side and shouldn't lose the game. At least we should grab a point if we didn't win it. But nothing can be done now. Hopefully Arsenal will recover from this loss and back to the winning ways.

In Arsene, We Trust!